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Visitors are drawn to Gatlinburg, Tennessee because of the Smoky Mountains and its family friendly atmosphere. People come from all over to experience the Sky Lift and zip lines, as well as the Gatlinburg Space Needle. There might not be a better view anywhere on Earth. If you live here, you know that Gatlinburg offers the kind of peaceful lifestyle that is perfect for a family with lots of outdoor living space with the mountains as your backyard.

Of course, living anywhere in Tennessee comes with a price in the form of invasive insects, rodents, and wildlife. Gatlinburg attracts more than just tourists, it attracts a multitude of pests; it can feel like you are waging a war trying to protect your home and family from bugs, rodents, and wildlife.

The good news is that your allies at Russell's Pest Control are here to help you win the war and bring peace to your Gatlinburg home or business for good.

Home Pest Control Services In Gatlinburg, TN

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Our residential customers enjoy a variety of packages that fit their budgets to keep their homes safe from over 30 kinds of pests that are determined to move in. Each package includes Russell’s Pest Free Guarantee and year-round protection with quarterly visits from our professional technicians. Our Power Gold plan offers even more protection with the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to eliminate the danger of termites. The Power Platinum plan goes one step further by offering mosquito control as well.

No matter which pest you are dealing with, you can rest assured that the professional pest control technicians at Russells's Pest Control is ready and waiting with efficient and effective plans. With the professionals at Russell's on your side, your worries are over.

Termite Control In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

It is hard to imagine the extent of the damage that termites can cause if you have not experienced it. Each year billions of dollars are spent across the United States in household repairs because of these tiny little insects. Termite damage generally starts in the bones of your home, either near the foundation or in the framework, compromising the entire structure. These pests work 24/7 eating their way through any part of your home that is made of their favorite food, cellulose, which is in almost all building material, especially wood.

Russell’s Pest Control is an authorized operator of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. Technicians will install/l these bait stations if there is any sign of termites in your home. The termites will then consume the bait and take some back to feed the rest of the colony, therefore eliminating the whole colony, including the queen.

Bed Bug Treatment Options In Gatlinburg

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As a resort town, Gatlinburg has a lot of people coming and going all the time. We love our visitors, of course, but because travel in the United States is on the rise so are the incidents of bed bugs across the country.

These household pests were once almost eliminated but they are back with a vengeance and are transported quite easily without their host even knowing they have the tiny little hitchhikers hiding in their suitcases or even the clothes on their backs. They can then quickly invade motel rooms, or even be picked up off a bench where someone rested and be brought into your home. These sneaky bugs move into the bedroom, preferably under the mattress, where they can come out while their host is asleep and feed.

Russell’s Pest Control knows just how to deal with bed bugs. Our team follows the best management control practices for bed bugs and are always up-to-date on the latest control methods. Your infestation will be just a memory no matter how severe. With our heat remediation technique, we can find bed bugs wherever they might be hiding and take care of all of them at once including their eggs to prevent further infest

Why Hire Russell's For Pest Control In Gatlinburg, TN?

For 45 years Russell’s Pest Control has been Gatlinburg’s answer to pest control for both homes and businesses. As a family owned and operated company we understand the pride that folks in Gatlinburg take in their homes and their lifestyle. Life in Gatlinburg is meant to be as calm and peaceful as the view that we have all come to love.

Russell’s Pest Control can help you make sure that your home remains the sanctuary that you intended by keeping your home free of pests.


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