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The city of Dandridge has the unique ability to be able to say that it is “Tennessee’s Second Oldest Town”. This lovely Tennessee city is proud to provide its residents with natural beauty, warmth, and hospitality. Unfortunately, though, the outdoor beauty that surrounds Dandridge brings with it a whole host of insects, rodents, and other pests living in and near Dandridge homes and businesses. Pests that, if not controlled, will take advantage of any food, water, and shelter that your property offers.

To help protect your property from Tennessee pests, turn to the local pest control experts at Russell’s Pest Control. The professionals at Russell’s Pest Control have developed and can implement highly effective, modern, and budget-friendly pests control programs to eliminate and control common Tennessee pests.

If you're interested in learning more about the many ways Russell's Pest Control can keep you protected, contact us today to find out more about why so many of your Tennessee friends and family turn to Russell’s Pest Control to take care of their pest control needs.

Residential Pest Control Services In Dandridge, TN

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At Russell’s Pest Control we know how important protecting your family and home from danger and damage is to you. To protect your Dandridge home from the many insects and rodents that can invade it, introduce disease, damage property, and contaminate food, partner with us and our team of dedicated pest professionals. We have developed four year-round residential pest control programs that work to protect your home and family from pests and the negative consequences that their presence can bring about.

Each of our Power programs provides you with quarterly, industry-leading pest services, protection against over 30 common household pests, and our Russell’s Pest Free Guarantee which states that if pests come back between visits, so will we for free! Our Power programs include:

  • Power
  • Power Gold
  • Power Plus+
  • Power Platinum

To learn more about our Power programs, or to request your free estimate, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!   

Spider Prevention Tips For Dandridge, TN Residents

Having spiders living inside of your home is, unfortunately, a very common pest problem to have. Spiders typically live outside, but they will often find their way inside homes and other buildings while foraging for food, or while trying to find a warm, safe shelter to spend the winter season in.

To help prevent your home from becoming home to spiders and their unsightly webs, we want to offer the following tips to make your home and property less attractive to these eight-legged invaders.

  • Eliminating yard clutter- Woodpiles, outdoor toys, construction materials, grass and leaf piles, and piles of other debris can attract spiders to your property. They love to use areas of yard clutter to hide within and build their webs inside of.

  • Lighting- Spiders eat other insects and insects are drawn to white outdoor lighting. Switching your white outdoor lights with yellow outdoor lights can help to limit insect activity around your home, therefore reducing spider activity as well.

  • Seal cracks and crevices- Inspect the exterior of your home, sealing any cracks or crevices that are found that could allow spiders (and other insects) to squeeze their way into your home through.

  • Reduce clutter in your home- Much like outdoor clutter; spiders are attracted to homes that have a lot of clutter inside. Clutter gives the spiders plenty of places to live, hunt and breed unnoticed.

In addition to putting into place prevention measures, putting into place a year-round pest control program is the best way to get rid of spider problems and to keep the insects that they love to feed on away from and out of your Dandridge home, give us a call to learn more our year-round Power programs!

Commercial Pest Control Services In Dandridge, TN

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To get the most comprehensive pest protection possible for your Dandridge business, trust the professionals at Russell’s Pest Control. Pests have no business being inside of your business, they can damage property, introduce disease, and of course ruin the reputation of your business within the community. Nothing will deter potential customers more than hearing that people have witnessed pests living within the confines of your business.

Protect your business and its good name by putting into place highly effective, comprehensive pest control services from the commercial pest professionals found at Russell’s Pest Control. To control pests within your commercial facility we provide a thorough inspection, the accurate identification of pest issues within your facility, the identification of the conditions (unsecured garbage, clogged drains, overgrown landscaping, etc.) that are attracting pests to your facility, and finally the development of a pest management plan that is unique to your facility and that always follows industry regulations.

Give us a call today and schedule a free commercial pest evaluation for your Dandridge business!

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation In Dandridge, TN

Are you seeing red spots on you or your family’s bedding, are you finding black streaks on or underneath of mattresses and box springs? Are you noticing six legged bugs that look very similar to apple-seeds in the seams of mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, behind baseboards, or in the cracks of your walls? Are your family members suddenly waking up with unexplained bug bites?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it is time to call the professionals at Russell’s Pest Control to perform a bed bug inspection for your Dandridge home. If bed bugs are detected during our inspection we will immediately meet with you to discuss treatment and provide a quote. At Russell’s we recommend resolving a bed bug infestation through the use of bed bug heat treatments. Heat treatment is not only extremely effective, as bed bugs simply can’t survive high temperatures, but it is very eco-friendly as well because no chemicals are needed and therefore no residue is left behind.

Other benefits to choosing heat to eliminate a bed bug infestation are that the complete elimination of an infestation usually only takes one treatment, which can be completed in a single day, and that it allows you to immediately re-enter into your property! Get in touch with us today to learn more about bed bugs and how we can eliminate them from any size Dandridge property!


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