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Reduce Mosquitoes In Your Yard With Help From Russell's

Mosquitoes are annoying and have the potential to be dangerous.  West Nile virus, Zika virus, Chikungunya fever, and encephalitis are just a few of the illnesses these pests transmit and are a serious concern for those living in Knoxville and throughout Tennessee.  At Russell’s Pest Control, we offer effective mosquito control in Eastern Tennessee that allows property owners to enjoy their outdoor space without being carried away by mosquitoes.

Seasonal Mosquito Treatments

In our region, mosquitoes are most active during the spring and summer months.  That’s why Russell’s has developed a seasonal mosquito treatment program that runs from April to September.  Here’s what you can expect when you contact us for help getting rid of mosquitoes:

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One of our trained pest control technicians will inspect your property to identify possible places where mosquitoes are likely to breed or rest.

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Initial Treatment

During the initial mosquito treatment, the technician will treat shrubs, bushes, and trees around the perimeter of the structure as well as any other hot spots noted during the inspection.

tech performing follow up mosquito treatments

Follow Up Treatments

After the first mosquito treatment, we’ll come back out every month (April – September) to re-treat.  Though mosquitoes are nearly impossible to stop from visiting your property, you can relax knowing they won’t be happy once they arrive.  And they won’t last long when you’ve got our team of mosquito control professionals on the job.

One-Time Mosquito Control For Special Events

If you’re planning an outdoor event and don’t want to worry about your guests being attacked by mosquitoes, Russell’s Pest Control can help.  Ideal for outdoor weddings, corporate events, and other outdoor gatherings our one-time mosquito control service is performed a day or two before the big event and is very effective in reducing mosquito activity.  Contact us today for more information or to schedule service for your event!

Mosquito Prevention Tips To Keep You Safe This Summer

When you're away from home, you're likely to encounter mosquitoes.  Let's face it, it's inevitable that you'll find yourself in a situation where mosquitoes are present.  To avoid mosquito bites and the health risks associated with them, we recommend taking the following precautions:

  • Schedule outdoor activities at times when mosquitoes are less active.  Remember dawn and dusk is when they're most active.
  • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants when spending time outside. 
  • Apply an EPA-registered insect repellent to exposed skin and clothes.  Talk to your pediatrician before use on children.

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