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Today we're going to talk about cockroach control because there are a surprising number of misconceptions about what it actually entails. In this technological age where there is a how-to video for everything and everyone online is an expert, you may be given a false sense of security from online articles or instructional videos that you are eliminating your cockroach infestation once and for all when in actuality you are applying the wrong pest control solution for your cockroach problem. And cockroaches are one pest you definitely want to make sure you get all of them the first time! Here are a few cockroach control methods that help to control cockroaches but, when done improperly, can leave you with active cockroaches thriving in your home:

Have you heard that keeping your home clean will keep cockroaches from coming inside? This is not true. While of course it is important to keep your home cleaned up, cockroaches can enter into a home that is sparkling clean just as easily as a filthy one. What is true about the above statement is that cockroaches don't like a clean home. The cleaner you keep your home, the less inviting it will be to invading cockroaches. So while this is great advice, it is only one part of the cockroach control solution. What we’re trying to say is, you can't stop cockroaches with sanitation alone.

Have you heard that keeping food in sealed containers will make cockroaches go away? Don't believe it. Trying to starve cockroaches isn't likely to drive them away. Cockroaches are actually one of the most adaptable and resilient creatures on the planet. They can live without food for months, not to mention that they are able to live on some pretty strange things that we would not consider to be food. So while it is a good idea to keep your foods stored in sealed containers, it won't make cockroaches go away. But it will help to stunt their population growth, which is very important. It also works to protect foods from contamination. Cockroaches are mechanical vectors for a variety of harmful bacteria and biological vectors for human pathogens. Therefore, it is important to keep them out. However, just like with sanitation, storing your food items properly is one piece of the pest control puzzle, but not a solution on its own.

Have you heard that sealing your exterior walls will stop cockroaches from invading? Well, that is not 100% true either, unfortunately. Cockroaches are highly mobile pests. They crawl up walls, zip across ceilings, compact their bodies to squeeze through tight spaces, and some are even able to fly. Because of this, they are extremely difficult to keep out of our homes. Exclusion is definitely an important step in the cockroach control process because it provides invading cockroaches fewer entry points, meaning that they may pass your home by more often, but it isn't going to prevent cockroaches from entering all by itself.

All of these suggestions are great suggestions. In fact, they are suggestions that even pest control experts would give. But our goal in this article is to show you how even good ideas can be applied to achieve an incomplete solution. Practicing good sanitation, storing your food properly, and sealing any holes found in your home’s perimeter are all important steps every homeowner should take to resist cockroaches, but for complete exclusion of cockroaches or for the complete elimination of a current cockroach infestation, the application of pest control products is necessary. However, when insecticides are applied by an untrained professional, this is another area where DIY cockroach control can go wrong.

When chemicals are applied wrong, not only can they be entirely ineffective at eliminating cockroaches, but they can also make everyone in your home very ill. Cockroaches are far more resistant to chemicals than we are. In fact, cockroaches can develop a resistance to pesticides. Some roaches will also develop a behavioral resistance to these treatments such as avoiding locations where pesticides have been applied or avoiding bait stations altogether. If you don't have an education in pest control or the behavioral patterns of cockroaches, you could make your problem much worse by attempting to use chemicals, baits, and other pest control products to eliminate the cockroaches in your home.

At Russell's Pest Control, we've been helping home and business owners control pests for over 40 years, and we've pretty much seen it all. Keeping cockroaches out of kitchen areas requires an educated and systematic application of pest control products and control methods both inside and outside of the home. Don't let anyone tell you any different. These insects are hard to keep out, hard to eliminate, and need to be handled by a professional. If you live in Knoxville or the surrounding area, let the pest control professionals at Russell's Pest Control guide you toward a complete solution and make sure all of those cockroaches are dealt with the first time!



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