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In Tennessee, every home is different. You may live on a large farm out in the country or you may live in a small house in a suburban area. You may have several acres of land that you call your backyard or you may have an extremely small yard. You may have dozens of animals or you may have none at all. And when it comes to fly problems, these seemingly insignificant details matter! Here are some of the many ways your Russell's Pest Control technician can help track down and treat your fly problem.

Why Professional Pest Control Matters

At Russell’s Pest Control, our highly-trained technicians use advanced protocols, specialized tools, and scientifically-engineered products to tackle a wide range of pest control issues, including fly infestations. However, the most important tool they use in the war on flies is their knowledge of fly habits and behaviors. With this knowledge, they can figure out where those flies are being produced. Where there is a fly infestation, there is usually a location that is producing those flies.

What Kind Of Flies Live In Eastern Tennessee?

In our service area, we have several fly species and several categories that those flies can be grouped into. And proper identification is the key to unraveling the mystery of a fly infestation! Each fly category has its own unique set of habits and habitat preferences which can provide important clues as to where to look for the source of the infestation.

At Russell’s Pest Control, our technicians know that house flies are most commonly found living and breeding in and around rotting organic matter. This will lead them to inspect the areas where your trash cans are stored and other similar locations and allow them to get to the root of your house fly problem much quicker!

However, the habits and behaviors of cluster flies are quite a bit different than those of house flies. Our technicians understand that cluster flies have no interest in rotting organic material but instead lay their eggs in the soil near earthworms. So if you’re dealing with cluster flies in your home, they’ll know not to look in those areas. This is just one of the ways that the proper identification of the invading pests can be helpful!

Fungus gnats can be found breeding in a mixture of different areas; female fungus gnats can use a damp pile of rotting food in the kitchen trash or soil that is rich in organic material as a breeding site. So your technician may look outside or inside your home for the source of your fungus gnat problem. However, inside homes, potted plants are often a source for a fungus gnat infestations.

How We Can Help

Every home is slightly different and provides invading flies with a variety of different breeding places. When you partner with us at Russell’s Pest Control, your technician will ask you questions to figure out the best places to look.

Once the inspection has been completed, there are many treatments that can be performed to resolve the fly problem at hand. Some treatments are designed to target breeding locations and destroy the eggs in these locations such as drain treatments while others are designed to trap and prevent flies that are flying around your home from entering and establishing their populations inside your home. These preventative treatments are used to directly addresses the part of the fly infestation that is driving you crazy: the flies themselves!

Along with your treatment, you'll get tips and information to help you prevent future infestations. Some of these tips include repairing your window and door screens and practicing proper trash management.

Another way Russell's Pest Control technicians deal with fly infestations is through the application of routine home pest control services. When you have our Power, Power Gold, Power PLUS+, or Power Platinum service, you get quarterly visits from a licensed and experienced pest professional who will help protect your home from over 30 common pests, including flies. This service comes with appropriate treatments that work residually during every season to take down the invading pests.

We understand that it may not seem like it’s worth investing in home pest control for just a few flies. But while our services do cover fly control, they also cover a variety of other nuisance, dangerous, and damaging pests present that can present a much greater threat than just a couple of flies. Some pests such as termites, rodents, carpenter ants, and wildlife pests can damage your belongings and the building materials of your home while others such as ticks, fleas, cockroaches, and stinging insects pose a threat to your health in the form of bites, stings, or harmful diseases, some of which can have lifelong implications. In addition, there are many pests that can make you very ill when they get into your food and crawl around on your food-prep surfaces. Even flies themselves can be a significant health threat! In fact, a recent study has linked house flies to the transmission of over 65 human diseases.

Whether you're dealing with a fly infestation right now or you'd like to prevent a fly infestation from taking root in your home in the future, reach out to us at Russell's Pest Control! We've been protecting Eastern Tennessee families from pests for over 40 years. Let us help you protect yours!


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