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What do you consider to be a vacation? Are you the type of person who loves to lay on the beach, soaking up the rays? Well, imagine doing that with unsightly welts all over your skin. Are you the type of person who enjoys adventure? Imagine trying to climb a mountain with painful, itchy welts on your neck, side, and back. Do you prefer to go somewhere familiar for vacation, like the home of a friend or relative? How fast would your happiness be ruined if you woke up to find bed bug bites on your skin? Pretty fast. Bed bugs and vacation do not go together, no matter what you consider a vacation to be. And, with bed bugs showing up more and more in all of the places people go to get away from it all, it is a good idea to learn a few ways to keep these blood eating pests from ruining your fun.

Knowledge is power. The more you know about bed bugs, the harder it is for these pests to wreck your vacation and hitchhike home with you. Here are 5 things you should know most about bed bugs.

1. Bed bugs are not attracted to rundown businesses.

Many people think that they will only get bed bugs if they stay at a rundown motel in the middle of nowhere. This is simply not true. In fact, you probably have a better chance of not encountering bed bugs at such an establishment, due to the limited number of guests a motel in the middle of nowhere gets. Bed bugs don't just hitchhike home with people, they hitchhike in. The more people that stay at a hotel, motel, or resort, the more chance bed bugs will be introduced.

2. Bed bugs are not attracted to dirty places.

If you think you're safe from an encounter with bed bugs because you stay somewhere clean, you may want to reconsider that thinking. Bed bug infestations have been found in the cleanest of environments. You can even find beds and the home of a friend or relative, as mentioned above. Never assume that there are no bed bugs because a place is clean.

3. Bed bugs are tiny.

An adult bed bug only grows to be about 4.5 mm. That is really small. And adult bed bugs are not likely to be seen during the day. They hide until CO2 levels rise--which happens when humans go to sleep. If you see a bed bug, it will likely be an immature nymph. Nymphs begin transparent and mostly pale in color, taking on more of a tan coloring as they mature. If you see a six-legged bug feeding on your arm or leg, it is likely that you're looking at a bed bug. It will be about the size of the tip on a pen and bright red from your blood in its abdomen.

4. Bed bugs leave signs.

You are more likely to see signs of bed bugs than you are to see these bugs themselves. No matter where you stay, be sure to do an inspection. Check all mattresses, box springs, and upholstered furniture for black streaks, tiny black droppings, black patches of residue, insect skins, brown blood stains, tiny white eggs, or a combination of these. Look closely in seams, along stitching, and in recessed areas of bed frames.

5. Bed bugs spread by laying their eggs in items we carry home with us.

This is important to understand. Bed bug eggs don't require the mother to hatch. If a bed bug lays eggs in a seam of your luggage, on an item of clothing, in the pocket of a duffle bag, inside a pocket book, or some other hard to see spot, you may bring a nightmare home with you. It is always a good idea to do an inspection of your belongings when you get home, and wash and dry all of your clothing on the hottest temperature. This will destroy bed bugs in all stages of development, including eggs.

If bed bugs slip past your watchful eye and an infestation takes root in your home, the team here at Russell's Pest Control is standing by to assist you with fast and targeted bed bug control. You don't have to let the bed bugs bite. At Russell's Pest Control we have industry-leading solutions to stop infestation quickly. Reach out to us to learn more, or to schedule service.


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