a well lit attic crawl space with insulation installed

ATMOX Stops Moisture Problems Before They Start

Russell’s Pest Control is pleased to announce that we now offer ATMOX Crawl Space Ventilation Systems.  ATMOX is an integrated solution to managing moisture in the crawl spaces of your home.  

What Moisture Means for Your Home

Excessive or fluctuating moisture content throughout your home can result a number of household problems for homes, including:

  • Direct damage to walls, stairs, flooring, and furniture

  • Damage to objects around the house, especially to wooden or electronic products like books or musical instruments

  • Paint on walls and ceilings bubbling, peeling, flaking, or stretching

  • Mold and mildew, both costly to repair and potentially dangerous if allowed to grow

  • Insect or other pest infestation


moisture issue in a Tennessee crawl space
mold and mildew on timbers in crawl space
crawl space severely damaged by moisture


Part of the reason moisture can become such a big problem is that it can build up from many sources if the homeowner is unaware. Some of the most common ways many homes are exposed to moisture include:

  • Leaks in plumbing, flashing, or roofing

  • Water from cooking, showering, washing dishes or clothes

  • Broken or disfunctional gutters, downspouts, or drains

  • Flooding or sewer backup

  • Damp basements, attics, and crawl spaces

The final source on the list is both one of the most dangerous on the list and the one ATMOX can solve in your home.


Extend The Longevity And Comfort Of Your Home With Russell's And ATMOX

atmox dew point comparison for crawl space and exteriorATMOX helps technicians find the dew point within a crawlspace and then apply that information to a moisture control system that can regulate the relative humidity in that area.

ATMOX works because it takes a common sense approach to ventilation, only ventilating with outside air at specific times when it will benefit the space. Using a dew point comparison of outside conditions and inside conditions, ATMOX automatically reduces undesired moisture through effective ventilation.

ATMOX Systems and fans are designed as a modular system to adapt to various sizes, layouts, and structures.

ATMOX is designed to make your home safer and better protected against the threats moisture can bring: damage, mold, bugs, and more.  This service can include a maintenance program to ensure the system stays working at its best.  Our inspectors can tell you more about a maintenance plan for ATMOX.  

For more information about solutions Russell’s Pest Control and ATMOX can bring your home, contact our team of pest control professionals or request a free estimate today!



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