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Commercial Pest Control

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Pest Control For Your Business

At Russell’s Pest Control, we know your reputation matters. We also understand how sightings of roaches, flies and other pests might risk the health of your employees and customers as well as damage the brand your company has built. In our industry, working with insects and rodents is normal, not in yours. Partner with Russell’s Pest Control to protect people, property and of course your brand.

When you contact Russell’s for commercial pest control services, we’ll inspect your facility, identify pest pressures and the conditions that attract them. Based on our assessment, we’ll develop a pest management plan that suits your needs, adheres to your industry’s regulations and surpasses your expectations.

Russell’s Pest Control has been serving the businesses of Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee since 1971; you can count on our pest control specialists to deliver pest services that are effective against your pest problems, no matter how severe. At Russell’s, we have the power to prevent and are driven to protect. Contact us today for more information about our commercial pest control solutions.

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Industry Solutions

Protecting your business is important to you and it is important to us.  When you choose Russell's Pest Control to combat insect and rodent pests in and around your facility, you have 43+ years of experience,  and a team of dedicated pest control professionals at work for you.  We know that every industry is different and focus on implementing a pest management plan that satisfies your industry's regulations while effectively resolving pest problems using advanced pest control technologies.  Everyday, we protect warehouses, local restaurants, private doctor offices, schools and daycares, cell phone stores, office buildings, churches, apartments, local gas stations and many other types of businesses. 




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Integrated Pest Management

In order to survive, insects and rodents need food, water and shelter.  When you remove these elements,  pests don't stand a chance.  Here at Russell's Pest Control, our goal is to resolve pest problems in commercial facilities by eliminating these elements from pests with the least hazard to people, property, and the environment.  This is called Integrated Pest Management, a method our technicians are well  trained in.  We know that every industry is different, that’s why we take an in-depth look at your facility and surrounding property to determine what conditions could promote pest activity.  Sanitation habits, the condition of the structure, the surrounding landscape, and other factors are analyzed. From there a custom program is designed for your facility to resolve and protect against any unwanted pests.



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