Why Am I Suddenly Seeing A Lot Of Spiders In My Home?

Do you find spiders frustrating? They are certainly frustrating pests to have around. Their webs are annoying to clean up, they cause panic when they appear in unexpected places but, worst of all, they can bite. If you’re wondering why you’re seeing more spiders in your home than usual, here are a few possibilities.

Spiders Go Where The Bugs Are

When it gets cold, insects look for a warm place. This brings them inside man-made structures. Spiders don’t have as much of a problem with cold because they have a built-in antifreeze that makes them resistant to freezing. But they go where the food is. That’s one reason they could be coming into your home.

Spiders Go Where The Bugs Are

You may be thinking we’ve made a mistake with our headings, but it is actually on purpose. Cold weather isn’t the only reason insects will come into your home. They come into your home in search of food. If you have food sources that insects can get into, they will thrive inside your home. And, when insects thrive, spiders will thrive too. If you want to control spider populations in your home, it is important to protect your food from insects.

Spiders Go Where The Bugs Are

Some bugs don’t come into our homes because of cold or in search of food. Some bugs are carried in. If you don’t examine your packaged food when you purchase items at the store, you may have brought pantry pests into your home, and spiders feed on pantry pests. If you brought fruit into your home and put it on the kitchen table for display, you may be seeing fruit flies or fungus flies zipping around. Flies are a dietary staple for spiders. As you can see, you could actually be bringing insects into your home that are attracting these spiders.

Spiders Go Where The Bugs Are

Are you seeing a trend? Some bugs come into homes because conditions outside are too dry. These are called moisture pests. If you have moisture pests, you’re going to have more spiders.

Spider Control

The best way to control spiders is to control the bugs that spiders feed on. And the best way to control bugs is with ongoing pest service from a professional. If you live in our Tennessee service area, reach out to Russell’s Pest Control for a free in-home pest evaluation. We can help you zero in on the pest service that will work best to keep spiders and other pests out of your home.

Why Am I Suddenly Seeing A Lot Of Spiders In My Home? in Knoxville TN

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