How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Tennessee Home This Fall

Have you ever dealt with mice in your home? Have you heard the chewing, scratching, and bumping noises inside your walls while you were trying to go to sleep? Have you seen the little black droppings in the backs of your kitchen drawers and cabinets? Or worse, have you actually seen a furry little critter running along the kitchen baseboard as you entered the room? If you have, we probably don’t have to tell how frustrating it can be to have mice. You know how they chew into packages, and leave a strong smell of urine in your pantry, storage areas, and attic spaces. It is no fun to have a mouse infestation.

Are you aware that, not only are mice a nuisance, they can actually be dangerous? It’s true. When mice find their way into your home, they can track in all kinds of filth. Before crawling around in your pantry, they may have walked through sewers, dumpsters, or a number of other bacteria-laden places. And, they also deposit urine and feces everywhere they go.

A few of the diseases mice are known to spread are lassa fever, leptospirosis, plague, and rat-bite fever. Mice can also bring mites, lice, fleas or ticks into your home. And, they never stop chewing on things. Never. If they accidentally chew on the wrong thing, like a live wire, it could spark a house fire.

What can you do to keep mice out of your home?

  • Keep your grass trimmed short and remove any overgrown areas. Mice hide in tall grass and weeds. Also, remove toys, cinder blocks, leaf piles, appliances, and other lawn clutter. If you have a wood pile, or stack of construction materials, store them as far from your home as possible, and get them up off the ground.

  • Remove food and water sources from your yard. Clean up after parties, don’t leave pet food out, protect areas where fruits or vegetables may be. M

  • ake sure your trash is secure inside cans with tight fitting lids. If you have bird feeders, keep them well away from your house.

  • Trim back any vegetation that touches your home. Mice and other pests use these as bridges to your home.

  • Inspect the outside of your house and seal up any gaps or cracks you find. Pay attention to areas around pipes, wires, air conditioning units, and other objects that pass through your foundation or walls.

  • Place wire mesh inside downspouts, and cover chimney or vent openings with screening to keep mice from climbing into these things.

  • Keep your house clean of any water sources or food particles, just in case a mouse does manage to get in.

  • Call in the assistance of a professional pest control company.

Here at Russel’s Pest Control, getting rid of mice–or keeping them out in the first place–is easy as pie, since our pest control technicians have a Category 7 certification for general pest and rodent control and wood-destroying organisms. Don’t let mice run amok in your home, get fast, efficient help from Russel’s Pest Control.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Tennessee Home This Fall in Knoxville TN

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