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How to get rid of bed bugs in Knoxville

To get rid of bed bugs, your best bet is to hire a professional bed bug exterminator. DIY bed bug removal won’t be as effective as professional-grade treatments.

Steam treatment for bed bugs on mattress

There are several bed bug treatments on the market with varying degrees of success. Your local bed bug exterminators will typically offer one or two of the following extermination methods: 

  • Heat treatment
  • Steam treatment
  • Bed bug insecticides
  • Fumigation

Which bed bug treatment works best?

Occasionally called thermal remediation, bed bug heat treatment is considered the most effective bed bug removal solution. Heat treatments are chemical-free, low-risk, and non-toxic. It also minimizes disruption and eliminates the need to replace items. In addition, a couple of the biggest benefits of heat treatment are:

  • Any and all infested furniture or mattresses can still be used after the heat treatment is done.
  • Heat above 120ºF is proven to kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle from eggs to adults.
  • The treatment, which lasts approximately up to three hours, will be completely effective in one go. This means follow-up treatments are rarely needed.

How do bed bug insecticides work?

Especially for smaller infestations, some professionals may choose to use conventional insecticides. These range from liquids to dusts, insecticides allow for spot treatments of bed bugs. After focusing on hot spots where bed bugs are proven to be found, a number of areas can be treated. Insecticides can be applied to baseboards, floor and wall junctions, behind electrical outlets and switches, cracks in the walls and floors, and more. The intent is to treat every possible hiding place to ensure bed bugs are 100% eliminated. This method of bed bug treatment is more invasive than heat treatment and may necessitate follow-up treatments.

Is bed bug steam treatment & fumigation safe?

Second in line to heat treatment is steam treatment. Steam is said to be an effective way to kill bed bugs. Steam remediation treatments work by delivering lethal temperatures into deep recesses and inaccessible areas where bed bugs may be hiding. This treatment is chemical-free, making it a very popular choice.

Fumigation is a chemical-laden way to get rid of an infestation. This involved completely tarping your property to release fumigant into every inch of the structure. While this is highly effective, it’s also extremely disruptive as you will have to evacuate your home for several days. it is usually used in extreme infestations or as a last-ditch effort.

How to get rid of bed bugs in Knoxville in Knoxville TN

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Okay. So, you were driving down the road and you saw a yard sale. Who doesn’t love a good yard sale? You got out and walked around in the yard full of “treasures” and found something quite unexpected, a piece of furniture that would fit perfectly in your home! Right in THAT place! You know the one. But, little did you know that when you brought it home and put it in THAT place, deep inside a batch of bed bug eggs was waiting to hatch.

There are a ton of ways you can get bed bugs. Your story may not be the story above. But, there is one thing for sure; it involved bed bugs hitchhiking into your home on something. That’s what these bugs do. So, now that you have them. How do you get rid of them?

How to get rid of bed bugs on your own.

We’re going to be straight up with you; bed bugs are versatile pests that are extremely hard to eradicate. Here are some reasons why:

How to get rid of bed bugs for sure.

If you’re finding bed bugs in your home, don’t take matters into your own hands. These blood-eating pests can create an ongoing nightmare for you and your family. Call the company that is certified to have the ‘Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs’ by the National Pest Management Association. The team here at Russell’s Pest Control knows how to make your home bed bug-free. In fact, Bed Bug Central has given us their seal of approval. We don’t say this to toot our own horn. Getting rid of bed bugs requires proper education and experience, even with state-of-the-art equipment. It really matters “who” you get to kill those bugs.

You can trust that Russell’s Pest Control knows how to get rid of bed bugs. When you need bed bugs to be gone, help is right here.