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With Rodent Awareness Week upon us, now is the perfect time to look into why rodent problems are on the rise. Since the start of the pandemic, reports of rodent sightings and infestations have been on the uprise—but why? When restaurants and bars were put under orders to limit or shut down operations, rodents were suddenly deprived of one of their most important food sources. This in turn caused two things: one, more aggressive behavior as they have to compete for food and two, a tendency to get into homes in search of food. Plus, with the weather beginning to change, rodents will seek out warmth and shelter right in your home for the coming months. All of this has caused an uptick in rodent problems right here in Knoxville TN. Keep reading to learn how to prevent rodents in the coming months.

Rodent Behavior During COVID-19

The good news is that rodents are not responsible for transmitting COVID-19 as they do with other diseases. The bad news? The pandemic has caused them to be more aggressive and rampant than ever. The shelter in place shutdowns caused an uptick in residential rodent sightings as rats and mice became colder in their hunt for resources.

This has since caused an uptick in infestations and rodent-spread issues. While they won’t transmit COVID-19 to you or your family, rodents still can spread other diseases including hantavirus, salmonellosis, and many more. They also can cause significant damage to your home with their nesting and chewing habits.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home

Rats and mice are on the rise right now, but you don’t need to let them infest your home. To keep rodents out and away from your property, our top tips include the following.

  1. Seal off cracks and crevices around openings. Mice can squeeze inside holes the size of a dime.
  2. Keep rodents out of your food by securely storing it in sealed containers.
  3. Clean inside the house and around the garden. Less clutter means fewer places to hide.
  4. Put outdoor garbage bags in metal garbage cans with securely fitted lids to stop them from feeding on contents.
  5. Clean up pet food and bird seed debris, and store pet food in robust containers with fitted lids, preferably above ground level.
  6. If you have a compost heap don’t include organic food waste, as this will attract them.
  7. Inspect your garage, attic, crawlspaces, and vents for potential rodent hiding spots.

The Importance of Rodent Awareness

Rodent Awareness Week only happens once a year, but it’s crucial to stay wary of these pests all year long. Especially during the pandemic, rats and mice are looking to get inside your home in the coming months. Russell’s Pest Control can help keep them out. Contact our rodent exterminators today!

Are Rodents More Aggressive During COVID-19? in Knoxville TN

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