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flea on gray background



We Know Fleas Are Annoying But Are They Dangerous?

As any pet owner can tell you, the flea is the bane of our favorite furry friend’s life. But, a lot of people have no real idea that a home without pets can also become infested with these easy to get, hard to get rid of pests. These little beasts can be deposited near our homes by stray animals as well as by wild animals that rest a bit too close. They can also be introduced by rodents who…

earwig climbing on rock



Top Earwig Prevention Tips

Many of us remember, back in the day, being sent out to the front yard to get the laundry off the line in the summer time. Each time, you were instructed to be sure that every item was shaken out thoroughly to ensure that no earwigs came inside with the freshly dried clothes; and each time the whispered warning from your brother as you walked out the door typically included something about earwigs…

bed bug crawling on bed



A Whole Week in Honor of Bed Bugs

The pest management industry is “celebrating” Bed Bug Awareness week from June 4th through June 10th. The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) designates this event every year to help spread awareness about bed bug infestations and how to protect yourself from this bug – particularly this time of year, as the peak travel season is coming up.

earwig in moist soil



Why Are Earwigs Invading My Home?

Looking at an earwig up close, you would think it would be far more comfortable living in some alien landscape than on your bathroom floor. It's slimy, chestnut skin and foreboding pincers give it an extraterrestrial look, but we can assure you, it is quite comfortable here on earth. In fact, it is quite comfortable inside the earth. These are insects that make their home in the soil around your…

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