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yellow jacket nest on knoxville home



Take the Sting Out of Spring

Ouch! You don’t want to get stung this spring - or any other time this year! Avoiding yellow jackets and their sting can be a chore, as they are worthy opponents if you come across them in your yard. They are not usually aggressive; but if they feel threatened or think their nest is at risk, they will become defensive.

swarming termites near knoxville home



Learn How To Identify Swarming Termites

Have you ever come home, stepped out of your car, and noticed a mass of crawling, winged insects on your windowsills or foundation walls? Would you be able to tell if that mass of insects was a swarm of flying ants or termite swarmers? In case you don't know the difference, this article will explain how to identify termite swarmers, the damages termites cause, and what you can do if you discover…

ants on the wall of a home



Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Knoxville Home This Spring

Springtime in Tennessee is a beautiful time of year. Everyone is able to get out and about, and everyone is ready for a new season of fun in the sun. Your yard has been cleaned up, and all your spring cleaning is done for another year. Now it is time to play, right? Unfortunately, no! Homeowners across Knoxville are noticing a common occurrence in their kitchens this spring - the ants have come…

man cleaning gutters



Spring Cleaning Tips To Avoid Spring Pests

Now that spring has sprung, if you're like most folks, you'll be turning your attention to doing a little spring cleaning. Raking up the yard, cleaning out the garage, and getting rid of the piles of accumulated stuff that has gathered in every corner of your home will give you a fresh start to the warm weather season ahead. So take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then, take a peek at the…

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