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boxelder bug up close



Why Do I Have A Boxelder Bug Problem?

Boxelder bugs love trees! They feed, live, and breed on all trees that bear seeds like the boxelder, maple, ash, and fruit trees like apple and plum. In fall, they infest homes in large numbers to seek a warm environment for shelter to overwinter. They flock to sunny sides of homes, storage sheds, or garages and enter through cracks and crevices on exterior walls, gaps around window and door…

carpenter bee up close



Carpenter Bees Will Be Active Soon

When spring temperatures warm up, all the creatures in Tennessee will become active again. Some of them will just crawl around in your backyard, dig tiny tunnels under your lawn, and hide under your rocks (and only be a nuisance every once in awhile when heavy rains make the ground saturated, or extended days of drought make the ground too dry.) Some will build nests on eaves and overhangs and…

termite technician in tennessee



Termite Awareness Week 2017

Did you notice the warm winter we just had? You can bet termites did. That makes this year's Termite Awareness Week (March 12-18, 2017) even more important for folks in our Eastern Tennessee service area. We're expecting a busy year, but we hope most of that business will be "preventative" and not "reactive" services. Here are a few points regarding termites in Tennessee, that you should be aware…

students in elementary school



Quick Guide To Bed Bugs In School

By now, you've probably heard of bed bugs. Those tiny rust-colored blood eaters are making the news all across the country. These bugs are no longer the boogeyman that hides under the bed in motels. They can be found in many places, including schools. If you have school age children from pre-k to college, you should find some helpful information about bed bugs here.

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