Pest Control

Russell’s Pest Control offers the safest and most efficient treatments available to manage your pest problem. We have many plans available to suit your needs, including:

  • Quarterly Service: We will treat the exterior of your home or business to prevent and protect against pest invasion. If pests get inside your home or business, we will return to eliminate pests at no additional charge.
  • One-Time Applications: For pests that require occasional but intensive treatments.
  • Seasonal Treatments: Monthly service that runs from April to October. The treatments reduce the population of pests most commonly in our area during that time.

Termite Protection

Russell’s Pest Control features the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology:

  • This environmentally friendly treatment lasts a full year, with no need for added inspections. The system comes with a damage repair warranty, should any termites escape and do damage to your structure.

Liquid Termite Treatments are also available:

  • Russell’s only uses the most trusted products on the market. Our treatments come with a one-year warranty and yearly inspections.

Builders & Realtors

For Builders:

  • For new homes, Russell’s Pest Control can supply pre-construction treatment for termite elimination. All treatments come with a year-long warranty that is easily transferred to the buyers.

For Realtors:

  • For existing homes, our team of experts can provide a reliable termite inspection to help ease the mind of any seller or buyer. We can act quickly to remedy any situation to ensure the sale of the home is not delayed. Both Builders and Realtors receive special discounts on our prevention and protection services.

New Home Owners

Receive a Free Inspection:

  • Before moving into your new home, call Russell’s for a FREE pest inspection.

Transfer Current Service for a Discount:

  • By transferring your current service with Russell’s Pest Control to your new home, you become eligible for a special discount if you are staying in our coverage area. You can also receive special discounts on additional services for your new home.

Need Pest Control?

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