Lady Bugs: More Naughty than Nice?

Asian Lady Beetle by Marlin E. Rice, IA State U (scaled)

Who doesn’t like ladybugs, with their cute little polka-dot wings? They’re a welcome sight for gardeners since they feed on aphids. However, these bugs change from appreciated guardian to annoying pest when they move indoors. Like many other insects and pests, once the temperatures drop in the fall, ladybugs will seek out warm confines for […]

Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Continue to Bite as Summer Draws to a Close

Mosquito by James Gathany

Summer is nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean mosquitoes will disappear when cooler weather arrives. We urge people to remain cautious of mosquitoes, as they are known to flourish well into the fall months, continuing to pose a health risk. “Although mosquitoes are often associated with the summer heat, they also thrive during the […]

Expert Advice for a Bed Bug-Free School Year

Bed bug

Summer vacation is coming to a close, and soon all the schools and universities will be back in session. While shopping for school supplies and a new wardrobe might take precedence, Russell’s Pest Control encourages parents and students to also spend some time brushing up on bed bug-prevention tips. “Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and […]

Earwigs—the bugs nightmares are made of

European Earwig by University of Nebraska (scaled)

They look like something you’d find in your nightmares or in a scary movie, but the earwig isn’t the product of a Hollywood studio. It’s something that might actually be living in your very own home. The earwig name is derived from the myth that claimed they would crawl into people’s ears in the middle […]

Pest-Proof Your Pantry

Not all pests scurry around in search of food before hurrying back to their nests. In fact, some pests such as Indian meal moths and merchant grain beetles can settle right into food supplies, commonly infesting grains and sweets. “There is nothing worse than preparing to bake some cookies or cake and finding that pests […]

It’s Yellow Jacket Season

Yellow Jacket from Duke

We’re in the dog days of summer, which means the peak of yellow jacket season is near. You’re probably familiar with yellow jackets, as they are very common in both East Tennessee and across the U.S. Yellow jackets are wasp-like insects that are easy to identify due to their yellow and black-banded abdomens. They typically […]

Raccoons, snakes and skunks, Oh my!

If you’ve seen Russell’s Pest Control’s list of services, you’ve probably noticed we tend to focus most of our efforts on bugs and other small pests like bed bugs and termites. However, we also deal with larger animals, too. We are constantly taking care of problems with various wildlife pests, such as raccoons, skunks, snakes […]

Playing in the Woods? Better Check for Ticks

American Dog Tick from the CDC

Whether it’s in the Great Smoky Mountains or the valley, East Tennesseans are surrounded by gorgeous wooded areas filled with all types of flora and fauna. However, lurking in those beautiful forests are a nasty little pest—ticks. Summer is the height of tick season, and these tiny parasites are on the lookout for a tasty […]

Protect Your Investment with Sentricon®

Sentricon Termite System

For most people, their home is the most valuable asset they own. Few pests can be as destructive to that investment as termites. If you want to protect your home, the Sentricon® System is one of the best options available, and it is safe for the environment. Termites are among the most devastating pest problems […]

Pests and the Summer Travel Season

Bed bug

Memorial Day has passed, meaning the summer travel season has officially begun. As you take time off for vacation and head to the beach, parks and other destinations, it is important to be mindful of pests. A pest to keep an eye out for this season is bed bugs. In fact, the most common way […]