It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed bug

Bed bugs are a growing problem in East Tennessee and across the country. In order to highlight this problem, pest control companies across the country are promoting Bed Bug Awareness Week April 20-26. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate once they’ve established themselves in your home. They can take a toll on your sanity […]

Spring Frost Might Drive Pests Inside

Deer Mouse CDC

Lately we’ve been experiencing some strange weather. The first part of April brought us typical spring weather, followed by cold temperatures that dipped below freezing. That’s East Tennessee for you. What does this winter chill in mid-spring mean for pests? This winter brought a stretch of extremely cold temperatures that may have affected spring pests. […]

Carpenter Bees are Rising from Their Slumber


Spring marks the beginning of longer days, warmer weather and blooming flowers. Unfortunately, it also signals the emergence of carpenter bees. As we transition from winter to spring, and from cold to warm weather, many insects that hibernate underground awake from their slumber and start doing their dirty work. Carpenter bees are no different. Carpenter […]

Spring Brings April Flowers and Termite Swarms

We’re a week into spring, though you wouldn’t know it judging by the weather. It will eventually warm up, and once it does, termites in East Tennessee will start swarming. Spring is the time of year when termite swarms happen most frequently. What exactly is a termite swarm? Termites in mature colonies will emerge from […]

Russell’s Pest Control Moves to New Location

We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new building! After 20 years at our location on Hollywood Road, we’ve outgrown our space. It was getting cramped in that building, so we had to move to accommodate our growing company. Growing a business is rewarding, but it also presents new challenges. Our […]

Next Week is Termite Awareness Week


Next week, March 25-29, is Termite Awareness Week. In keeping with that theme, we thought we’d share some ways you can prevent these little devastators from wreaking havoc on your home. Termites can be one of the worst pests to have. A termite infestation can cause the value of your home to plummet and endanger […]

Traveling for Spring Break? Watch Out For Mosquitoes

Feeding Mosquito from Purdue University (scaled)

Many people are looking forward to escaping the winter chill by jet setting to a warmer destination during spring break, but they may find themselves with a biting problem – mosquitoes. Spring break travelers, especially those visiting a tropical location, should take precautions to protect themselves from these blood-sucking pests. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can inflict more […]

Get Protected Before Pests Emerge

Sentricon Termite System

For most people, their home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make, and family means more to them than anything else. If these two statements ring true for you, then you should consider preventive pest control. Termites can decimate your home, destroying it from the inside out. Considering everything a home is—a place to live, […]

The Top 10 Cities for Bed Bugs

Bed bug

We recently stumbled upon this bed bug infographic on the top 10 bed bug-infested cities from, and we thought we’d pass it along as it has a lot of great information. Bed bugs are a growing problem, and some cities have more bed bug issues than others. Big cities are more likely to experience […]

Cockroaches and Winter Weather

Brown Banded Roach

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in Tennessee. If you’ve ever had a cockroach infestation, you know how big of a headache it can be. For every one you get rid of, it seems as though five more spring up in its place. Winter can be a particularly troublesome time for cockroaches. As the […]