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Brown Banded Roach

Cockroaches and Winter Weather

Cold weather can chase roaches inside as they seek food and shelter from the elements.
Cockroaches are one of the most common pests …

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Deer Mouse CDC

Winter Chill Forces Rodents and Other Small Pests Indoors

With cold weather and snow blanketing much of the country, homeowners aren’t the only ones seeking shelter indoors. Rodents are also looking …

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Cat Flea

Insect Pests and Winter Weather

A good portion of the United States, including East Tennessee, went through a bout of unseasonably cold weather, with thermometers barely hovering …

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Bugs Cause a Stink as Colder Weather Arrives

As we enter the thick of winter, stink bugs are likely to make an appearance in homes. Homeowners can take proactive measures …

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Tips for Pest Prevention During the Holidays

As families get into the holiday spirit, digging out decorations and unpacking strands of twinkling lights, it is important to be aware …

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Brown Banded Roach

The Brown Bandit: Brown Banded Roaches

Despite a few false starts, we really are heading into colder weather.  This means that pest pressure is decreasing and, in a …

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Yellow Garden Spider

A Good Perspective on Spiders

Recently, we linked to an article on our facebook page by an entomologist blogger who discussed the use of scare tactics in …

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Here’s a press release from the News portion of our website.  If you watch the local news, you may have seen the …

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Giant Asian Hornet (imgur)

A Halloween Fright: Giant Hornets

It’s time once again to add a page to the chronicle of Russell’s Pest Control Halloween blogs.  On some occasions, we’ve discussed …

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The Other Arachnid in East Tennessee

For something new and different, I thought we might cover a pest whose presence is often extremely surprising to East Tennessee homeowners.  …