It’s Yellow Jacket Season

Yellow Jacket from Duke

We’re in the dog days of summer, which means the peak of yellow jacket season is near. You’re probably familiar with yellow jackets, as they are very common in both East Tennessee and across the U.S. Yellow jackets are wasp-like insects that are easy to identify due to their yellow and black-banded abdomens. They typically […]

Raccoons, snakes and skunks, Oh my!

If you’ve seen Russell’s Pest Control’s list of services, you’ve probably noticed we tend to focus most of our efforts on bugs and other small pests like bed bugs and termites. However, we also deal with larger animals, too. We are constantly taking care of problems with various wildlife pests, such as raccoons, skunks, snakes […]

Playing in the Woods? Better Check for Ticks

American Dog Tick from the CDC

Whether it’s in the Great Smoky Mountains or the valley, East Tennesseans are surrounded by gorgeous wooded areas filled with all types of flora and fauna. However, lurking in those beautiful forests are a nasty little pest—ticks. Summer is the height of tick season, and these tiny parasites are on the lookout for a tasty […]

Protect Your Investment with Sentricon®

Sentricon Termite System

For most people, their home is the most valuable asset they own. Few pests can be as destructive to that investment as termites. If you want to protect your home, the Sentricon® System is one of the best options available, and it is safe for the environment. Termites are among the most devastating pest problems […]

Pests and the Summer Travel Season

Bed bug

Memorial Day has passed, meaning the summer travel season has officially begun. As you take time off for vacation and head to the beach, parks and other destinations, it is important to be mindful of pests. A pest to keep an eye out for this season is bed bugs. In fact, the most common way […]

Pest Trends for 2014


Pest control, like most industries, sees trends come and go from year to year. Those trends can even include the particular pests we deal with. For instance, a few decades ago bed bugs were far less prevalent than they are now. A blog post at My Pest Professional has identified the top 5 pests for 2014. […]

Ants pose problems for East TN households

Black Carpenter Ant by Harper College (scaled)

One of the most common pests we deal with in East Tennessee is ants. In fact, along with termites and carpenter bees, ants are among the top-three pests we receive calls about. There are about 20 different species of ants in East Tennessee. They have a very diverse diet that can include: sweets, meat, cheese […]

April Showers Bring Springtails

April is a typically a month heavy with rain, and this year has been no different. While April showers bring May flowers, they also bring out plenty of pests, including springtails. Springtails are tiny insects (dozens of them could fit on a dime) that make their homes in damp areas. They get their name from […]

It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed bug

Bed bugs are a growing problem in East Tennessee and across the country. In order to highlight this problem, pest control companies across the country are promoting Bed Bug Awareness Week April 20-26. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate once they’ve established themselves in your home. They can take a toll on your sanity […]

Spring Frost Might Drive Pests Inside

Deer Mouse CDC

Lately we’ve been experiencing some strange weather. The first part of April brought us typical spring weather, followed by cold temperatures that dipped below freezing. That’s East Tennessee for you. What does this winter chill in mid-spring mean for pests? This winter brought a stretch of extremely cold temperatures that may have affected spring pests. […]